ANM220.1 Wk01

As we begin the fourth trimester, I brace myself for another large scale team project.Thinking back to last trimester, I remember the many struggles, time constraints and issues we faced along the way but I am prepared to take on the next project. The feeling of finally presenting a complete project and acknowledging that it is the result of the hard of work of the team and individual contributions in the end is really worth it.

This trimester our task is to produce an animated commercial, which is quite different from our previous project which was a 3D game animatic. That means we will be learning and doing new things and managing a somehow different workflow, especially since we will be using 3DS Max’s mental Ray to render. I’m excited about using mental ray because I have always felt intimidated about using it and I have seen the astounding results that can be achieved through using it.

The initial ideas for our commercial included a car or car fuel product, chewing gum or speakers. Since our project requires a product and a mascot, for the speakers idea we were thinking of pairing the product with a fennec fox mascot as this animal has big ears which can be related to the speakers. Our final decision, however, was neither of these but rather a hot sauce product with the mascot being, unironically, a dragon. The plan is for the animation to have a comedic undertone and so we will be designing a character with a corresponding design and personality.


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