ANM220.1 Wk11

We are running against time to complete our renders and compile our project and the team is working very hard to make it happen. Although we are not able to use the render farm due to it being fully used, our scenes have been divided among many computers to maximise our speed. Some of the scenes are taking a very long time to fully render due to the lighting that we used in our scene. One scene in particular is Sc4 with the mascot setting the cutlery which is very taxing on render time so I tried to optimize it by reducing some Final Gather points and Noise reduction. The render speed has been somewhat increased.

Simultaneously to rendering, we are working on the post production. Each team member is assigned scenes to work on and in the end we will be compiling them into our final animation. For post production, in addition to extracting and editing the rendered passes, we are also doing color correction and edits such as exposure and shadows. I try to reduce the red hue in my scenes through the Color Balance effect as they are quite reddish due to the lighting of our scene. I find that I quite enjoy the post production process.


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