ANM230 – Wk05

My first task this trimester was to model the tower which will be the main tower in the scene. For the first version of the tower I used the model sheet but it had to be modified to make a more realistic and stable version of the tower. There were two versions of the tower before the final version which slowed down my workflow but through the process I learnt useful skills in spline modelling and hard surface modelling.

Below are the two first versions of the tower. The first version was abandoned because of lack of architectural structure and detail so we decided to go for a more modern look. The second Tower is inspired by modern architecture in the UAE, mainly inspired by the Etihad tower in Abu Dhabi. However this version features of fully glass exterior which would mean that interior of the tower with have to be modelled as well. To save time we resorted to a different kind of tower which was inspired by the Marina tower in Abu Dhabi. The final model is still a work in progress.

tower v1 .jpg

Screenshot (33).png


ANM230 – Wk04

This week there was a screening of a 2D animated film called Grave for The Fireflies. As it was produced by Studio Ghibli, I was immediately excited about the film. However, what I saw left me with mixed feelings of awe and devastation. The story presented by the beautiful animation is a heart breaking one about the fates of two children during World War II who lose both their parents. The two central characters are Seita and Setsuko; rather, Seita is the main protagonist of the story who is the older brother taking care of his younger sibling Setsuko. From the beginning of the film, the grim mood is set as Seita is shown dying of hunger at a train station from which point the story goes back in time to show how he was brought to that point.

The style of the animation and the amount of detail put into it really corresponds to the theme and gives the story so much impact. Some scenes were drawn so vividly that it gave almost the amount of graphic and tragic content as an actual movie. The war environment was very well established through the background art and animation of the characters.



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ANM230 – Wk03

In last week’s Blog post I went over the different modelling technique and talked about modelling in the film industry. In this week’s blogs I will talk about modelling for games. The approach in video game modelling is different to film modelling in many ways as the player will be interacting with the environment using the model. The environment and others also be rendering in real time using a game engine such as Unity unreal engine (Slick, 2016). In contrast to film, video game models low Poly due to them being rendered real time. To compensate for the lack of detail, normal maps are often used which is the process that allows to create details from a higher resolution model to be projected onto a lower poly model (The Gnomon Workshop News, 2016).
During trimester 3, I have the experience of using real time rendering for our projects called ‘Red’ and even though I like it creating low poly models there were many problems encountered with the real time renderer. I am glad that for this trimester’s project we will be using mental Ray which will give us a much better output quality.



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ANM230 – Wk02

There are different types of modelling including NURBS / spline modelling, 3D sculpting and subdivision modeling. The latter is the most common modelling technique and it involves the modeler starting to shape the model from a primitive shape such as a box (White, 2014). NURBS or spline modelling is made using splines and creates smoothly interpreted faces where the mesh is created between the spines. 3D sculpting is usually used for Organic modelling and is used in board game and films but it carries a more artistic approach since it involves virtual sculpting. This type of modelling is done in various programs such as Z brush.

Nowadays 3D modelling is widely used in the film industry, even sometimes substituting actual actors. When modelling for film, the production team decides what will be the level of detail of the model based on factors such as project scope and time constraints. The workload is usually divided between different roles so for example a 3D modeller’s responsibility will solely be to create the 3D model while texturing,rigging and other aspects will be handled by other team members. This type of workflow allows for a faster production and better task division.



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ANM230 – Wk01

New trimester, new project; the break provided a breath of relief and relaxation from the workload bestowed upon us by the previous project but it is time to get back on track and excited for the new trimester!

During the first week, we were divided into new teams and briefed on the requirements for the studio 3 project. While we brainstormed the theme of our environment (which will be the main component of the project), as well as ideas for the character and story, we had a few variations. The first idea involved a clocktower and a steampunk kind of environment while the story centered around a character trying to restore the balance of time in his world. This idea also pushed forward our final idea to which I will arrive shortly. The second idea was set in Al Hamra; a city in Spain and revolved around an ancient Andalusian fountain, however story was not fully developed.  Finally, our main idea is set in a cyberpunk futuristic setting and inspired by the trailer of Cyberpunk 2077.

Screenshot (22).png
To give it a unique look we decided to set it in the futuristic Dubai and incorporate some traditional Arabic elements such as Mashribiya patterns. Our character, who was initially derived from the Emirati tale of Umm Al Duwais will also feature clothing and artifacts reminiscent of the Arabic style. Here are a few conepts which I made for the Mashribiya designs.

mashribiya test.png

In our final production we have achieved a similar cyber Punk style. Our environment features dark purple and blue tones and mimics a futuristic landscape. We incorporated some glowing elements similar to what is seen in Cyberpunk 2077. Below is one of the renders of the skyline of our environment. This version does not include the main tower but only a placeholder.


I believe that we have successfully achieved the style we were aiming for but of course there could be some improvements such as more lighting and details. Below is the model of the main tower which was inspired by UAE architecture and given a futuristic twist.

Screenshot (76).png