ANM230 – Wk13

The final week of the trimester is coming to an end and so is our project. Technically, the project has already been showcased yesterday but we will be adding some missing scenes to complete it. The showcase went well yesterday, even though it was less eventful than the last trimesters. We had an industry guest from Pixel Hunters watch our animation and provide feedback. It is good to have exposure and opinion of high ranking individuals in the field.

It has been a hectic and stressful trimester, especially the last few weeks with the pressuring deadlines and rendering time constraints. Even though we had to resort to cutting down on quality for our renders in order to meet the deadlines, I am happy that we managed to put together the final animation and showcase it yesterday. I believe that I gained useful skills during the course of this project such and even improved my animation skills. I know that I will be able to apply these skills in my future projects and hope that I keep making improvements.



ANM230 – Wk12

This week we are trying to render everything as fast as possible as we are running out of time before the showcase. The team is busy fixing any issues with the renders problems faced with the software and trying to distribute the renders in order to speed up the process. I have been finalizing the scene setups so they are ready to be rendered and adjusting lighting in some scenes. I have also been working on one more missing animation so that it can be included in our video. We had to distribute the animations which were not yet complete among the team members which allowed us to finish them. I am hoping that everything will render in time and we will be able to compile our animation

ANM230 – Wk11

During my experience in working on this project I have learned many useful skills including spline modeling which I have talked about in a previous blog and Zbrush hard surface modeling. While working on the animations these weeks I believe I have improved my level of skill and also acquired knowledge of animating using the CAT rig.

One of the aspects I aim to improve more in the future is lighting and rendering as it is still challenging for me. I was having some issues with lighting the tower as well as the render settings as the scene lights were not affecting the model itself. I also used self-illumination for the tower shaders. Below is the render of the tower with lighting. Tower.jpg

ANM230 – Wk10

This week I have been working on my assigned animations which have been rigged by my team leader. I am enjoying working with CAT rigs and actually find it simpler than using controllers as I feel it allows me more freedom with positioning the model.

During the animation of the jumping scene, I ran into an issue with one of the bones and Curves. The issue was that the bone kept snapping in weird ways which would show in the viewport render as well as the viewport itself. I sent an email to Mujeeb regarding this. I was eventually able to resolve the issue by reloading the CAT animation layer onto a previous version of the model.Screenshot (75).png