Little Guardian character design

One of the key pre-production aspects of a 3D animation is the character design, and after finalizing the pitch of the story, I made concepts of the two featured characters. Since the main character is based on and inspired by my own pet cat, there was a good starting point with her design.

For our main character design, we decided to stick closer to the inspiration and created a cartoonized version of the cat which was the inspiration. To give it a more comical look, I kept the proportions more cartoony such as a bigger head, big eyes and thin legs with small paws. And of course, the big ears.

For the little creature, we ended up going with a more vivid color scheme and designed him to resemble a chameleon. There are a few color variation which were considered, but the initial design was more of a fantasy creature. However, the final design leans more to a life like chameleon.

chameleon concept3.jpg


Studio 3 Pre production

This week we have been brainstorming an idea for the studio S3 project. The two main ideas which we had both had a similar concept involving two characters in an indoor room setting. The idea which we have decided to go for is a story about a cat who chases out an unwanted Intruder from her home while her owner is the way. The two characters of the story is the cat and a fantasy creature resembling a chameleon. The story has comedic undertone and a cartoonish style. Below is the storyboard for the animation.

storyboard cat.jpg

The story begins with the cats waking up from sleep and realising that her owner has left the house. Her relaxation is interrupted by the sound of feet scurrying under the bed. As she tries to investigate, an unknown creature steals a coin from the ground and runs into the wardrobe. Curious, she follows the creature and finds it sitting atop a pile of loot which includes coins, keys and other things which are lost inside the house. She becomes frightened and runs to hide behind the bed. As she waits for the creature to crawl out, she jumps to scare him, forcing him to jump outside the window. Satisfied that her job is done, the cat goes back to sleep.

The genre of our animation is adventure/comedy and is aimed towards audiences of all ages, including people interested in 3D animation and children. The animation will appeal to a wide audience which makes it more accessible to the public. There are no cultural concerns in terms of cultural appropriation as the genre is very light and fun and does not include any controversial concepts. The animation is meant to be enjoyed by different people of all ages.

This week’s tasks included concept art, mood boards, character sheets, as well as the 3D animatic. There are two modelers and one animator in our team but we will be dividing all the work amongst everyone.